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Advertising Tips for Retail Clothing: Bridal Shops Boutiques & Tuxedo Rental

If you own a small to large bridal shop, boutique or tuxedo rental, then you know that the money you spend on advertising must be spent wisely. Aside from competing with big box retailers and other local retail stores, you also must compete with online sales. This article provides 3 good advertising tips which are effective and 3 bad advertising techniques that are wasteful for owners of retail clothing stores.

3 Tips for Successful Marketing of your Retail Store

  1. Most importantly, your store must be branded properly. Whether you are a small nitch clothing store or a high end boutique, your stores name should be reflected on all of your stores garment bags. If you wish to impress that you sell quality products in your retail store, then you should be willing to put your name on it. Take any large retail store for example: Old Navy, Macy’s and Bloomingdales, they all have their names broadcasted loud and proud on all their high end product garment bags.
  2. Have an online presence. If you want your bricks and mortar store to be found, then you must have a website. If you wish to legitimize yourself as a local resource then you must have a website that features your retail clothing products. Beyond having a website, it is also important for your business to be active on social media. It is also recommended, that you offer a discount to customers who have LIKED or SHARE your company website on their social media profiles.
  3. Be involved in your Community and Industry Trade Shows.

3 Bad Advertising Techniques for your Retail Store

  1. Not branding your garment bags? This is a bad idea, if you wish your retail store, bridal shop, boutique or tuxedo rental to appear genric, then go ahead and continue use non-printed garment bags. Most retail store owners do not realize how cheap custom printed garment bags actually are. It may very well be true that the money they think they are saving by not using printed garment bags, may actually be costing them money. Be proud of your name and logo. It shoulkd printed it on everything.
  2. Yellow Pages
  3. Advertising on other Industry Directories

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