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Select Your Size of Personalized Garment Bags

Our personalized garment bags fit suites, skirts, dresses, and more perfectly.

Personalized Garment Bags: Step #1 Choose Your Size

Our garment bags range in size from 38″ to 80″ long. That means we offer the perfect fit for any apparel, whether it be a skirt, a suite or a prom dress. Decide what type of clothing you need garment bags for and choose accordingly.

Personalized Garment Bags: Step #2: Choose Your Color

The next step is to choose your color. Our garment bags can come in clear, white or black. The true personalization comes with the text color you would like. A plethora of colors are at your disposal here so let your creativity run wild.

personalized garment bags colors

Personalized Garment Bags: Step #3: Write Text Or Upload Logo

After choosing your colors it’s time to decide what you would like to appear on the bag. Once again you have multiple options. If you would like text on your garment bags there are three lines available. One for store name, one for the city and/or state, and one for contact info like a phone number, email or website.

If you would like to use your own custom logo instead, you can upload it here. Additionally, we have the ability to communicate with your graphic artist if that’s more convenient for you. Simply contact us here. If for some reason you don’t have a file with your logo you can mail us a business card, letterhead or advertisement and our Art Department will contact you. You can mail your materials here.

personalized garment bags logo or text

Looking For Inspiration Or Examples?

If you would like to see what the personalized garment bags look like you can check out our Product Gallery. There you can see all kinds of designs and artwork, from plain text to beautiful logos. You’ll even be able to see all the colored bag options when you order a 10 pack of custom garment bags.

About Us

personalized garment bags poly outlet

Retail Stores and Boutiques: If you own or manage a retail store or specialty retail boutique, can help you brand your plastic garment bags using color logo imprints with a variety of ink colors and plastic garment bag options to choose from. High end Boutiques should package their products in quality plastic garment bags. can assist your Retail Boutique maintain that high end branding with our high end plastic garment bags. Our plastic garment bags come on a roll to provide quick and easy packaging of your garments.

Bridal Stores and Tuxedo Rentals: Many owners of Bridal Shops already utilize when branding their garment bags. As we offer color logo imprints using a variety of ink colors and plastic garment bag options. If you own or manage a store which retails or rents Bridal Gowns or Tuxedo’s, then you are likely already aware of the importance of packaging your high end products in quality garment bags. can assist your Bridal Shop in maintaining that high end branding with our high end plastic garment bags.

Mens Stores and Custom Tailors: There is more competion in the men’s retail industry today, then ever before! Therefore, it is important that your company image linger in your customers mind to ensure repeat business. Using a printed logo on your plastic garment bags is certainly worth the investment. provides quality plastic garment bags on a roll which provide easy packaging of your customers garments, while providing you with the highest quality plastic garment bags in a large variety of bag colors and logo imprint color color options.